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Thermacold Chilling & Heating Systems

From chillers and integrated air-conditioning systems to heating, Thermacold multifunctional units are designed to satisfy system requirements for summer cooling and winter heating, simultaneously producing refrigeration as well as hot water and heating in a single device.

Chillers and heat pumps are also available in cooling only condenser-less units and cooling or heat pump condensing versions. There is a wide range of high efficiency air-water or water-water products using eco-friendly refrigerants and inverter solutions.

Our expert team can help advise on the best system for your environment. Looking at the available heat sources, we can assess which has the highest energy efficiency ratio and provide a top quality solution which is guaranteed to last whilst lowering your heating costs.

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Hot Water and Steam temperature Heat Pumps for every application

Heat Pumps offer great energy-savings, cost savings and sustainable benefits. Taking renewable energy from natural sources including air, ground water and soil, they efficiently release it into the heating circuit. Heat pumps can  also provide domestic hot water heating when required. Our range of steam temperature heat pumps and hot water heat pumps provide temperatures up to 130oC suitable for use in the chemical, food & drink, process and manufacturing industries. High temperature heat pumps are also ideal for district heating, heat recovery and  commercial applications.

The heat pumps are manufactured by Ochsner to a very high standard in their purpose built factory in Austria. The systems utilise the very best in screw and turbo compressor technology to produce ground breaking capabilities, the units are fully cascadable up to 25MW.

Heat pumps are fully supported under the government RHI scheme.

Ochsner heat pumps utilise the most energy efficient, low ozone depleting and non flammable refrigerants available such as  ÖKO 1.

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Ochsner Heat Pump

Recover Low Grade Process Waste Heat/biomass heat for Energy Smart Green Cooling

Simply Cooler are Sole UK Distributors of Bry-Air Chillers. These innovative Adsorption Chillers are highly efficient, even at lower input temperatures which make them ideal for converting waste heat into cooling. They can use a variety of energy sources, typically process waste heat, biomass heat, solar collectors, tri-generation (CHP) generators, or traditional power plants. Applications include process cooling, aluminium anodising, mould cooling, acid cooling, food processing, air conditioning (HVAC), cement, steel, plastic processing, hospitality, healthcare and many more…

Bry-Air is a global solution provider for complete environmental control with a specialisation in cooling and air conditioning. Their range of chillers use cutting-edge technology designed to use low grade waste heat for cooling without any environmental impact and require very little maintenance.

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