With more than 30 years independent experience in the cooling and heating industry, a move to the supply of the most efficient and environmentally friendly available adsorption coolers, biomass boilers, heat pumps and  ancillary components was a natural progression for our company.

Concerned with the growing issues experienced by  Biomass Installers, HVAC Engineers and businesses across the UK over product quality and inflated pricing within the sector, the Company decided to make it an easier and more cost-effective experience, to purchase biomass heating and cooling systems.

As experts in our field, known for our technical capabilities and professional attitude, we supply only a premium range of energy efficient, environmentally friendly Adsorption chillers from Bry-Air  and large capacity heat pumps from Ochsner heat pumps along with an entire range of high quality ancillary products

If you have a project or scheme that requires expert advice or assistance, or recommendation of any of our premium quality products, drop us a line as we would be pleased to assist.

We only supply top quality products sourced from reputable manufacturers worldwide who are established leaders in the field of cooling and heating technology.

We are able to benefit from this experience and enjoy quality, durable high-performance products producing cost effective heating and cooling.

Easy to install and maintain, with minimum routine maintenance, all at prices you can afford, with unrivalled payback times.

Simply Biomass offer an outstanding range of products from  log, pellet, wood-chip and non-woody biomass technologies to process heat pumps and adsorption chillers for use with a full range of supporting products to fulfil, even the most complex project.

“We understand the complexities of the biomass industry and our products are utilized on projects within the residential, commercial and industrial markets, process, country houses and estates, farmers, land agents, property developers, local authorities, housing associations and national organisations.”

 TO FIND OUT MORE, CONTACT US TODAY +44 (0) 7557 406 689 or email us at sales@simplycooler.co.uk

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