New AWA HP XEA Heat pumps from Thermocold



After the success achieved with the launch of product family AWA XEA, air/water chiller with plate heat exchanger, micro-channel coils and scroll compressors, with cooling capacities from 266 to 681 kW, now comes the new AWA HP XEA heat pumps range with heating capacities from 130 to 652 kW.


  • FLEXIBLE 23 basic models from 130 to 652 kW.
  • ECOLOGICAL designed to optimize energy consumption.
  • EFFICIENT at total and partial loads (COP up to 3,25 and SCOP up to 3,35).
  • SOPHISTICATED thanks to the integrated I-Pro advanced controller that allows full compatibility with the MULTI-MANAGER system, making possible modular combinations up to 6 units.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN Complete accessibility of all components.


Technical features:

  • Scroll compressors by Danfoss DSH with very high efficiency at partial loads, in tandem configuration;
  • High efficiency finned condenser coils;
  • Axial fans: up to 12 according to the sizes;
  • Bradez plate heat exchanger with differential pressure switch and antifreeze protection electric heater;
  • Microprocessor control with I-Pro;
  • Electronic expansion valve;
  • Continuous fans speed modulation by phase cutting system according to the condensing pressure.


The advanced I-Pro controller, provided as standard on all models, permits:

  • Interfaceability with Multi-Manager system and e-Manager+ remote control;
  • Set point management: regulation based on the inlet or outlet water temperature, as required by the probe;
  • Compatibility with BMS systems (ModBus RS485, Bacnet TCP/IP e MS/TP, Lontalk);
  • Remote control through digital contacts;
  • Dynamic Set Point/Energy Saving/Auto ON-OFF.


Please consult the product sheet available for download on our website to discover all about these new models.

With AWA HP XEA we offer our customers a highly FLEXIBLE solution that finds perfect application in offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, apartments, wellness centres, gyms, clinics, commercial sector and industrial processes.

The units will be available for deliveries starting from week 6 (February 04 – 10, 2019).

A progressive reduction of delivery time up to 4/5 weeks ex – works for the range from 130 to 270 kW and 5/6 weeks ex-works for the range from 265 to 680 kW, will be guaranteed when the full components stock will be completed.

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