Thermacold Chilling & Heating Systems

From chillers and integrated air-conditioning systems to heating, Thermacold multifunctional units are designed to satisfy system requirements for summer cooling and winter heating, simultaneously producing refrigeration as well as hot water and heating in a single device.

Chillers and heat pumps are also available in cooling only condenser-less units and cooling or heat pump condensing versions. There is a wide range of high efficiency air-water or water-water products using eco-friendly refrigerants and inverter solutions.

Thermacold units are designed in compliance with the new Directive ErP 2009/125/EC that regulates the eco-friendly design and prescribes the minimum requirements for energy efficiency and emissions, for products related to the use of energy.

All of this drastically reduces both CO2 emissions from the use of primary energy and the machines’ operating expenses. The multifunction concept is ideal for heavy commercial and industrial applications as well as residential and light commercial.

Our expert team can help advise on the best system for your environment. Looking at the available heat sources, we can assess which has the highest energy efficiency ratio and provide a top quality solution which is guaranteed to last whilst lowering your heating costs.

Thermacold systems can be specifically designed and installed to suit anywhere from small homes, housing estates, offices, warehouses, industrial sites, to commercial and public buildings.

The benefits of Thermacold systems include:

• Eco-sustainable products

• High efficiency performances

• Perfect integration with renewable source

• Very low CO2 emissions

• Elimination of use of non-renewable sources


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